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Bottles packaging: the selection guide

According to recent studies, 66% of consumers believe that the packaging shows how the seller takes care of them and their orders. At a time of continuous growth of e-commerce, this aspect is vital for businesses. Packing a product requires several steps, they are all of equal importance. Follow our guide step by step to make the perfect package.

How to choose an express courier for your wine shipments?

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Having an online wine shop does not just mean being visible on browsers, having a good and large diversified offer of wines, having an easy-to-use website, having an easy and intuitive purchasing process, etc… but it also means handling very well wines shipment with express couriers. So how to choose the best express courier for your wine shipments?

6 reasons to better dispatch wine online

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The delivery of an order placed online is a moment of truth and a very exciting moment for the customer. More generally, it is the only Touchpoint with the online wine shop or the producer. It is an extremely delicate moment, but that is often completely omitted .In this article we try to give you some suggestions to make the most of this delicate and important moment. From "Tannico" to "Roberson Wine" discover all the secrets of the largest online wine shops that have exploited an effective communication with their customers.

An Understanding of the EUROPE-USA Exports and Imports Taxes of Wine

Trade in wine and spirits between the United States and Europe have not changed for 20 years but are now in the sights of Donald Trump, after Emmanuel Macron, the current President of the French Republic has adopted a tax on the digital giants. The American President now threatens to attack French wine and therefore European because customs import taxes applied on wine and spirits are set "at European level" Here are four interrogations on these very symbolic exchanges.

Why isn’t Your Winemaker Instagram Profile Working?

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Do you have an Instagram profile? If the answer is no, then you should hurry and create one. Because you are losing a real opportunity to communicate with the most important people in your cellar: your customers. To be successful on Instagram, it is not necessary to randomly publish photos and impact images, on the contrary it is necessary to have a clear vision of the objectives to be achieved and how the channel can fit into an already established strategy of your cellar. In this mini guide, we give you some valuable suggestions.

Transportation of Wine: NakPack, the Best Bottle Packaging System in Europe Today

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The United Kingdom is famous for its taste of good wine. In 2018, sparkling wine consumption hit a record 164 million bottles as its embraced sparkling wine for all instances, from homes to pubs. That is why it becomes necessary, for wine shop, classic wine bars, e-commerce or simple enthusiasts, to ship a large number of bottles in complete safety and quickly all over the country or the world. The logistic aspect in the wine business is extremely delicate and important. It is a gigantic sector that requires adequate planning in bottle transportation.

Wine eCommerce: Global Trends for 2019

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The Ecommerce sector has experienced steady growth in recent years. According to estimates, global retail ecommerce revenues will amount to over 2,000 billion dollars by 2021. That is why, in the coming years, we should expect to see continued growth, with more and more companies entering this market. This, however, translates into greater competition, and for the players it means trying to stay on top of the wave to continue to be successful. This is why it is crucial to know in advance the trends in the sector, the result of technological advances or changes in consumer behavior preferences. We then discover together the emerging trends of ecommerce, to be followed all the year.