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Bottles packaging: the selection guide

According to recent studies, 66% of consumers believe that the packaging shows how the seller takes care of them and their orders. At a time of continuous growth of e-commerce, this aspect is vital for businesses. Packing a product requires several steps, they are all of equal importance. Follow our guide step by step to make the perfect package.

Wine and Millennials: why and how to focus on Generation Y

vinoi e millennial, nuove frontiere
In this article we will try to better understand a generation that is much talked about, as it is important for wineries. We will analyze the relationship between wine and Millennials and what your winery can do to bring them closer, retain them, and make them use their hyper-connected capacity to increase your sales.

Wine Delivery Experience – How to build customer loyalty

wine delivery
In this article we will talk about a concept originated within the walls of our company, or that of the Wine Delivery Experience. We’ll share with you how it was born and at the end of the article we will offer an unmissable opportunity associated to this topic for those who sell wine online.