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Plastic Free Packaging: NAKPACK is the first to obtain this certification

NAKPACK is the first company in the world to obtain the Plastic Free product label. In this article we will tell you the story of our packaging and what allowed us to achieve this result.

We can finally say it: NAKPACK® is the first packaging company certified Plastic Free ®.

We are struggling to keep up the enthusiasm, we have to admit.

But on the other hand you can understand us: NAKPACK® is the first and only packaging in the world to be certified Plastic Free®, and considering the story of our company, this can only make us extremely happy. Don’t you know how, when, and why were we born? We’ll tell you right away, and we promise to be fast.

Don’t you know how, when, and why were we born? We’ll tell you right away, and we promise to be fast.

A brief story of our plastic free packaging company

Our story began around 10 years ago, when our CEO Angelo Bandinu decided to revolutionize the world of packaging.

After years of study, research and crash tests, we were first to offer an ecological alternative to safely ship bottles.

Our goal? To make sure that everyone could say goodbye to Styrofoam cellars, cartons filled with pluriball, PVC protective bags… In short, to create a plastic free solution for shipments.

protection for bottles
NakPack - The safest packaging protection for bottles

Consider that at the time the focus on product sustainability was definitely lower than today, and making our way wasn’t easy.

Why? Well, in addition to having to face all the difficulties related to the introduction of a new product on the market, we also wanted to educate and raise our customer’s awareness on the values that have always guided us: respect for the planet and the conscious use of resources.

Then time passed, during which the company has grown a lot (reaching protection over 70% of shipped bottles in Italy) and the public has become increasingly sensitive to issues related to sustainability, and so we decided.

It was time to do more for the Planet, and give a decisive direction to our sustainability policies.

In short, it was no longer enough for us to engage in the development of products without plastic and less and less environmentally impacting.

We wanted to help concretely those who shared with us the dream, of making the world a better place, for people and for nature.

How the collaboration with the Plastic Free Association was born

So here’s a question: how can we continue our work of raising awareness against the use of plastic?

We have had no doubts since that time. Plastic Free Onlus was the company we were looking for. It is an Association of volunteers born with the aim of informing the widest possible public. It is the most important association in Italy, with over 900 representatives and more than 150 million followers. Born as a simple virtual community, Plastic Free has become, in very short time, a reference point for awareness-raising activities on the topic. Today the Association organizes during the year collections of waste in beaches and cities, turtle rescue activities, and education projects in schools.

The goal? To make every citizen do his part, and put into practice concrete gestures to say STOP to over 12 million tons of plastic that end up in nature every year, killing over 100,000 mammals.

Logo Plastic free nell'oceano

But let’s get back to us. When we told the Plastic Free people what NAKPACK is and why it was born, they had no doubts.

NAKPACK’s story, philosophy and production method behind it, deserve to be recognized.

And so, with great joy and satisfaction, our packaging received first ever Plastic Free® Product certification.

This record is even more significant if you think that we are the first company in Italy whose product has been recognized by the Association.

What we have done so far

Thanks to the collaboration with Plastic Free, NAKPACK® supported the waste collection event on the national date of 26 September 2021.

Thanks to Plastic Free’s waste collection event, 243.721 kg of waste and plastic from cities were removed from the environment.

Even members of our team, who deeply believe in the values promulgated by NAKPACK, took the field and actively participated in the collection of waste in Pescara, city where the company is based. Here are some photos of the beautiful day with Plastic Free®. 👇

Il team di Nakpack durante la raccolta di Plastic Free

Future projects

Will we stop here? Of course not.

We want to continue this beautiful collaboration, to flesh out our struggle against the use of disposable plastic.

Certainly we will participate in other waste collection events in the area, but we have many other projects in the pipeline with friends of Plastic Free®.

For the moment we can’t tell you more, but many beautiful news are coming soon!

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