Who we are

Eco Innovator from 2012

We are chasing a big dream

The concept of circular economy responds to desire for a more sustainable growth, in the context of increasing pressure to which production and consumption subject the world’s resources and environment. So far the economy has worked with a model “production-consumption-disposal”, that is a linear model where each product is inexorably destined to get to the “end of life”.
On the contrary the transiction to a circular economy deflects attention to reuse, adjust, renew and recycle materials and existing products. What was normally considered as “waste” can be transformed into resources.

We are born with the dream and aim to improve the world in the packaging sector. We are a R&D company operating in an area of progressive and constant transition from a linear economy, based on the exploitation of raw materials non renewable, to a circular economy, oriented towards the sustainability of processes and products. In the transition to the circular economy we take care of consulting, design, production and trading in innovating and eco sustainable products, in order to minimize the impact deriving from the linear economy.



To create a healthy, fair and sustenable world. To find in circularity our future: as in friendship and love, to take and return must be the basis of relationship between people, business and planet.


Is to be the most Influential Company in the industry of “packaging delivery” in Europe.


Angelo Bandinu
Angelo Bandinu

Founder / CEO
The creative genius with many passions , is the heart and soul of the Company, founded in 2011 with a mix of foresight and courage. Entrepreneur by vocation, Angelo is an expert connoiseur of the target, having founded himself in the past one of the first wine bars in Italy. His experience as a sports coach made him a stimulating leader,attentive to the needs of his collaborators, of which he knows how to enhance their strenght and potential. As Head of the Company’s Research and Development Department, today his main task is to designing new ingenuous solutions to be placed on the market, with an eye of attention towards sustainability

Ilaria Diomede
Ilaria Diomede

Chief Marketing Officer
Give her a book and a mountain landscape, Ilaria will be happy. First graduate in Economics, Markets and Development, then Marketing degree and Business Communication, she has accumulated various experiences in the advertising and digital communication. Her creative soul and at the same time result-oriented, is lifeblood of Marketing dept. of the Company, dealing with communication, market research, brand reputation and planning of activities as Corporate Social Responsability. Lover of nature and convinced Eco-Warrior, Ilaria founds in Napack® the right place to grow up keeping faith with her principles.

Mariangela Tieri
Marinagela Tieri

Chief Financial Officer
Expertise, reliability, boundless passion for her work: all this (and much more) is her, Mariangela. Graduated in Business Administration with a Masters in Economics and International Cooperation, has a background as a Chartered Accountant and Statutory audit. Collaborating with many companies from the most varied sectors allowed her to develop soft skills in the field of accounting, in planning and reporting, that she uses every day as Head of Administration of the company.

Domenico Cantoro
Domenico Cantoro

Sales Manager European Market
Sportsman from birth, Domenico reports the values of loyalty, commitment and passion every day,both in work and in life. Graduated in Economics and Finance, he is specialized in Marketing, he has been testing his skills since college time and in different sectors. Tireless generator of ideas and smart solutions, today he is at customers’ disposal for Nakpack®, with a chance to lead new projects.

Cristiana Greco
Cristiana Greco

Senior Account
Lover of Russian Culture, she is fan of Dostoevskij. Cristiana is an energetic and passionate person, who never tires of learning. Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Russian and English), she boasts an experience and improvement of more then 10 years in selling abroad in Fashion Luxury sector. Her friendliness is always at disposal both for italian and foreign customers, which is served with passion and dedication.

Armando Mariani
Armando Mariani

Senior Manager
Armando could go anywhere with his bike such as with his brain. Armando is the numbers guy and he is the veteran of the Company. Graduated in Economics and Business Management, he has accumulated over 10 years of experience in cardboard sector, and has developed a strong strategic vision in innovative business. In NakPack he takes care of historical customers and manages purchases and suppliers .


Our values

The team

The group comes before the individual value. The group protects the individual. Individualisms are not allowed, although personal growth is the basis of of common development. This we enhance the talent of the individual in order to reach everyone’s goal. IN A GROUP YOU MAY REACH HEIGHTS THAT YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGE!



Curiosity and the desire to go higher and higher are the real engine of our work. Our success is the result of our commitment and dedication for each of us. Thanks to passion, the most innovative ideas are born. PASSION GUIDES US, LET’S TRANSMIT IT.



Anyone who joins the team must be consistent and honest to himself and  towards the principles it promotes. Anyone must be accountable for his own actions and for those of the other members of the group.


It takes courage to always be ahead of the times  and we find it  in the security of offering the best Product and Service day by day. We offer excellent quality, without compromise, born from constant research and an attention to detail, that distinguishes each of us. IF WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD,WE MUST START WITH US.


Attention to the environment is a lifestyle and it is founded in each of our produtcs, in our every gesture, inside and outside the company. Everything is aimed at the lowest environmental impact. THE WORLD OF TOMORROW IS BUILT WITH OUR ACTIONS OF TODAY.