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6 reasons to better dispatch wine online

The delivery of an order placed online is a moment of truth and a very exciting moment for the customer. More generally, it is the only Touchpoint with the online wine shop or the producer. It is an extremely delicate moment, but that is often completely omitted .In this article we try to give you some suggestions to make the most of this delicate and important moment. From "Tannico" to "Roberson Wine" discover all the secrets of the largest online wine shops that have exploited an effective communication with their customers.

Receiving an online order is the moment of truth for distance selling and a very exciting time for the customer. It is the only effective Touchpoint with the online store, the wine shop or the producer in general. It is an extremely delicate moment that is often ignored completely. In this article we try to give you some suggestions to make the most of this delicate and important moment, and to better dispatch wine online.

1. Packaging is your best offline “business card”

For a company that maintains all its relationships remotely via online website (for example, a pure play wine shop), packaging is the only Touchpoint that the customer has with the brand. The packaging thus becomes a natural and tactile extension of the user’s virtual “experience”. And even if it is also the first purchase made, this moment is among the most delicate of all and can become the weak link of the entire sales pipeline (the so-called buyer journey).

Delivery badly handled, goods that arrived damaged can affect possible future sales by nullifying all the investments that led the customer to buy and prefer your online wine shop rather than that of your competitor.

If you invest in a beautiful website, if you spend a lot of money on advertising on Google, Facebook or Instagram, why shouldn’t you invest in well-made packaging that ends up in the hands of your final customer? has chosen NakPack to ship the bottles safely

2. Make yourself known

We constantly repeat to our customers that packaging plays a fundamental role in communicating your brand at very low costs.

What’s better than packaging with the colors of your brand, which vehicle takes better care of your image and improves the customer’s purchase?

For some customers, we have studied and edited a very precise and unique color of the external box so that he can have it only him, for example.

The goal was that the box from that particular manufacturer or online wine shop would be recognizable among a thousand other packages in a courier vans.

Isn’t it great that your customers recognize having received their order at home simply at a glance, without even having to read your brand name?

La scatola progettata per Roberson Wine
Nakpack for Roberson Wine UK designed by Australian artist Natt Milovanovic

3. Think different

As already highlighted in the previous point, differentiate yourselves. Be unique, different and recognizable. Don’t just insert the simple logo of your brand, but be creative (…. OR RELY ON US by filling out the online form).

The number of online sellers is growing at a rapid pace, the number of transactions is increasing, each of which gives rise to a delivery.

If you don’t take advantage of these differentiation opportunities, you risk remaining one of the many anonymous who sells online.

Also think about distinguishing yourself with “matching graphics” or particular important events. For example, like our “Rainbow box” designed and developed specifically with Tannico for the Milan Pride 2019 edition.

Rainbow Box di Tannico
the Rainbow Box by Tannico on the occasion of the Milan Pride 2019

4. Packaging generates emotions

The packaging of a shipment is all the more important because it generates emotions and concerns.

Imagine what wine buyers might think: “Will the bottle arrive damaged? And if the bottle is broken, do I risk cutting myself while opening the package? “

The opening is always done with a mixture of stress and excitement: “Is my order complete? Is it in good condition? What if it doesn’t satisfy me? “

Improve the packaging to reduce transport accidents.

5. WOW effect

The arrival of the order is always a good time. Have you ever tried to impress your customer with the famous WOW effect!!! Sometimes it takes very little; you just need to surprise the expectation of your customer. An expedition can be transformed into a source of unexpected joy. Have you ever thought of adding small gadgets such as a corkscrew or a “drip catcher”?

6. Opening the package can be an opportunity for online sharing

Type “unboxing” on YouTube and you will find customers, youtubers, bloggers who film the opening scenes of an order that has just been placed. Apple fans open a box perfectly designed, beauty bloggers unpack the products of famous brands and enobloggers obviously our  Nakpack packs. 😀

What safety packaging are you using for the online shipment of your wine bottles?

What breakage rates do you have?

Do you use “simple” anonymous or personalized boxes?

Try to contact us. We are convinced that we will have the solution that best suits your needs.

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