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How safe are your shipments?

Every day, more than 9,000,0000 bottles are shipped around the world. Nakpack®is the new, innovative, transit-packaging system for bottles that allows your wines to travel in absolute safety. Discover our solutions.

How secure are your shipment?

Every day, more than 9,000,0000 bottles are shipped around the world. Nakpack®is the new, innovative, transit-packaging system for bottles that allows your wines to travel in absolute safety. Discover our solutions.

Nakpack® has been tested with all of the leading national and international couriers, and has been shown to guarantee maximum reliability in the transport of fragile products. Your bottled liquids – wine, oil, spirits or beer – will travel in absolute safety.
Since it is made solely from corrugated cardboard, Nakpack® is available at a very competitive price with respect to other systems currently on the market.
When not in use, it occupies next-to-no-space. You can have 1200 internal protectors on just two pallets, allowing you to ship 3600 bottles!
It respects the environment – since it is made entirely from cardboard, it is a 100% recyclable form of packaging. Another great reason to use it.
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bottle packaging


Nakpack is the bottle packaging that offers maximum safety

NakPack® has been studied in every detail to ensure maximum protection with a small footprint, by wrapping bottles at critical points. With NakPack® system, shipments by express courier will no longer be a problem!
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We give back to the planet what is hers, by building a forest in Kenya

We decided to join a large agroforestry project in Kenya because it is one of the countries most affected by deforestation and climate changes. Because in order to do good, you’d better start with small simple things.
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Our product is the first certified Plastic Free product in the world

Born as a simple virtual community, Plastic Free® has quicly become a reference point for awareness-raising activities regarding environmental issues. Since 2021, Nakpack® is proud to be the first and the only certified system in the world.
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Smart News


TANNICO is the e-commerce solution you cannot do without. The leading name in Italy for online wine sales, Tannico, has chosen to use the innovative NAKPACK® transit-packaging system for its shipments. This has allowed it to achieve a drastic reduction in the space and costs associated with its logistics operations, as well as guaranteeing an exceptional level of protection against breakages during the delicate transport phase.

roberson wine

Roberson Wine

Roberson Wine is one of the most famous online fine wine merchant based in London. They specialised in wines from France and California, selling online to private individuals and wholesale to restaurants and off-trade businesses. In their determination to help the environment and to reduce their plastic consumptions, they choose our Nakpack system and its fully recyclable structure for all their deliveries. It’s the first company to attempt and endure a drop of our NAK600N for 6 bottles of wine from the first floor.

callmewine, enoteca online di vino


Call Me Wine provides a frame of reference for all wine connoisseurs. It was set up with a view to offering the widest selection of high-quality wines and spirits, from both Italy and across the world, along with unrivalled customer service. The excellence of the service is also evident in the delicate phase of shipping the bottles of wine, champagne and other fragile products. For this reason, Call Me Wine has put its faith in the safe, flexible Nakpack system – a bottle-carrying solution that offers the highest standards of safety currently available on the market.

agricola Romano dal Forno

Agricola Dal Forno

The wines made by Romano dal Forno can be considered, without a shadow of doubt, the highest encapsulation of winemaking in the Valpolicella. His Amarones have rightly become legendary; these are extraordinary wines, rare and precious, which demand the maximum care and attention during the delicate shipping phase. That's why the company has chosen our NAKPACK® system. Safety and reliability are the cornerstones of our approach, and from today, we are immensely proud to be transporting this embodiment of oenological excellence.

wine industry advisor

Wine industry Advisor

The Wine Industry Advisor is an online industry publication featuring news, articles and editorial content relevant to the wine industry. In their aim to provide the information most relevant to the industry in an easy and convenient format for their readers, they published the first Nakpack’s Press Release: “Nakpack® Landed Safe & Sound in the UK”, featuring the result of the first order in the UK, the key features of Nakpack and a message from Nakuru’s CEO, Angelo Bandinu.


Vivino is one of the most popular wine apps in the world, with as many as 4 million total users and 100,000 daily downloads. Vivino is a convenient App designed for all wine lovers, especially for those always looking for new tastings or, more simply, for those approaching the universe of grapes and vines for the first time. It is also possible to buy directly through the App and for secure shipments Vivino has relied on our Nakpack system.

gxo xpo

GXO logistics

A leading name in Europe for logistics, transport and freight forwarding, GXO Logistics (ex XPO Logistics) has selected our cutting-edge system for its supply chain in the beverage sector. The company decided to go with us thanks to the unrivalled security of our system, as well as its minimal warehouse footprint. Another important factor for GXO was the short assembly time of our packaging solution – in less than 60 seconds, you have a box that is ready, willing and able to transport all types of glass bottles.

Sipsmiths Indipendent Spirits


With Sipsmith Independent Spirits, Nakpack is making a splash in the world of high-end distilling in London. Sipsmith is the first copper-pot distillery to open within London's city limits in nearly 200 years. Its founders love to describe themselves as “sip – smiths”, and the product they make is very much a classic, traditional London Dry gin.


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According to recent studies, 66% of consumers believe that the packaging shows how the seller takes care of them and their orders. At a time of continuous growth of e-commerce, this aspect is vital for businesses. Packing a product requires several steps, they are all of equal importance. Follow our guide step by step to make the perfect package.

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In this article we will try to better understand a generation that is much talked about, as it is important for wineries. We will analyze the relationship between wine and Millennials and what your winery can do to bring them closer, retain them, and make them use their hyper-connected capacity to increase your sales.

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Wine Delivery Experience – How to build customer loyalty

In this article we will talk about a concept originated within the walls of our company, or that of the Wine Delivery Experience. We’ll share with you how it was born and at the end of the article we will offer an unmissable opportunity associated to this topic for those who sell wine online.

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How to choose an express courier for your wine shipments?

Having an online wine shop does not just mean being visible on browsers, having a good and large diversified offer of wines, having an easy-to-use website, having an easy and intuitive purchasing process, etc… but it also means handling very well wines shipment with express couriers. So how to choose the best express courier for your wine shipments?

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