Our trees in Kenya

We give back to nature what is hers.

For every new customer, we plant a tree in Kenya

Treedom e Nakpack in Kenya per piantare alberi

We plant trees to bring benefits to the environment and local African communities.

We decided to join Treedom agroforestry project for two reasons. 

To help the Earth. By planting trees, it helps to absorb CO2, promote the region’s biodiversity and fight against soil erosion and desertification

To help people.

By doing so, we directly finance the local farmers, supporting their work at the beginning of planting or when the trees are not yet productive. Meanwhile, rural communities are formed and they are guaranteed the ownership of the trees and the full right to enjoy the fruits they will produce. This allows thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting, ensuring food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.

Why in Kenya?

Because it is one of the countries that has suffered the most from the effects of deforestation and climate change, with soil erosion and food shortages. It is also the place that inspired the founder of our company to create a product truly eco-friendly. That’s why we could only start from here.