The safety of your shipments starts with the packaging

Nakpack® is the new, innovative packaging system designed for the shipping of glass bottles. Made entirely from corrugated cardboard, it delivers an exceptionally high level of protection while offering unbeatable value-for-money.

How safe are your shipments?

After more than 10 months of development and myriad crash tests conducted in accordance with the strictest international standards, the Nakpack® system was released onto the market as the ultimate solution to the problems of transporting fragile products. Put us to the test.

lettera AAbsolutely no height problems

The system has been designed to accommodate bottles of up to a maximum height of 330 mm. Renana or Bordeaux bottles with a tall shoulder pose no problem.

lettera BFor the most "generous" bottles

When developing the design, we were careful to take account of larger bottles, such as those used for Champagne or sparkling wine. Even bottles with a diameter of up to 102 mm will have no difficulty fitting in.

lettera CLess cardboard is better

The Nakpack® philosophy is to use cardboard only where it is really necessary. A year of laboratory analysis and design in partnership with the leading couriers has allowed us to come up with the best possible solution.
sezione della protezione interna nakpack

Better wrap-arounds

Every bottle is supported by a dual, continuous wrap-around system with staggered cut-outs, specially designed to make the whole package flexible and elastic.

lettera E Optimised upper and lower spacers

The spacers on the base and the top are larger than those of any other system on the market, and their variable dimensions have been designed to cushion the blows in the most critical and vulnerable points.

Doubled-up base and sides

The base and sides have a dual wrap-around made of three-ply cardboard, creating a dual wall with the capacity to absorb even the most extreme, punishing drops.

Quick and easy to assemble. Only 60 seconds!

Nakpack® is the innovative packaging system that secures your bottle shipments, and is also extremely quick and easy to assemble. In fact, it only takes 60 seconds to assemble a pack of 6 bottles.

esempio di montaggio del sistema Nakpack
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bottiglie di vino, birra ed olio

Maximum flexibility

Nakpack® is the only system of its type that allows a single model of packaging to be used with various bottle types and formats, from Champagne and Bordeaux to Borgognotta and Renana, via Marasca and amphora. Whether you’re a wine store, a logistics company, a winery or a microbrewery, whatever you require, with Nakpack® you will never have any transit issues. One model = multiple solutions.

bottiglie di vino, birra ed olio

Suitable for all shapes of wine, beer and olive oil bottles

The protectors have been specifically designed to house most of the shapes of olive oil, beer and wine bottles on the market, with a particular focus on accommodating the most “generous” diameters. Maximum diameter : 100mm Maximum height a : 330 mm
imballo spedizione bottiglie omologato

Packaging approved and suitable for shipping with all couriers

Nakpack® has been tested with all national and international couriers ensuring maximum reliability in the transport of fragile products. Wine, oil, spirits and beer will travel in absolute safety.

imballo spedizione bottiglie riciclabile

Safe for bottles, safe for the environment

Nakpack® is eco-sustainable and Plastic Free certified: the packaging is made entirely of cardboard, and for this reason they are totally recyclable, they protect the environment, guaranteeing a better future for our planet, while maintaining a very high protection of your bottles.