Removing plastic from packaging is our mission.

Providing valid alternatives is our daily goal.

We love a green planet poroject

We love a green planet

We love a green planet” is a large collection of ideas, projects and dreams.

Born from the desire to give meaning to our organization, which goes beyond the product itself.

We want to contribute to the achievement of a goal that is as ambitious as it is urgent: build a better world. To do so, every decision we make is based on the circularity criteria. We want the environmental impact of our business to be as low as possible, and in addition to creating an eco-sustainable product, we focus our energies to compensate for the use of resources necessary for production.

Treedom® and Kenya

We plant trees to bring benefits to the environment and local African communities.

By supporting the agroforestry project Treedom®, we contribute to CO2 absorption, we promote the biodiversity of the area and we counteract soil erosion and desertification

The more we grow, the more our forest grows: For each new customer, we plant a tree in Kenya. Discover more about our agroforestry projects with Treedom.

Plastic free®

NAKPACK® supports Plastic Free Association, which deals with raising awareness among citizens and institutions on the damage that plastic generates to the environment and to people.



Nakpack is designed to use only the amount of paper needed to guarantee the promised safety performance. The dimensions of the packaging are reduced to a minimum, in order to optimize each shipment by reducing significantly CO2 emissions.


We do everything we can to minimise waste from the production of our packaging. We are committed to revitalizing usable clippings, for example, by collecting the circular waste to use them as coasters.

Nakpack is made only with paper, so it is completely recyclable and plastic-free. It consists of 70% recycled paper; the 30%  remaining is virgin paper necessary to guarantee final performance.

We subtract to give value

Earth is going through an unprecedented climate crisis, Earth Overshoot Day (the date that reports depletion of resources that the earth is able to generate in a year) always comes first, our seas are filling with real plastic islands.

Less is more

We created Nakpack starting from a simple question: what can we take off? Our goal is to offer a viable alternative for shipments of fragile products, which, however, is made only of ecological materials and with the least possible waste of resources. We removed plastic, polystyrene, excess cardboard, unnecessary protections.

“Less is more”.We are aware of the responsibility we have as actors in the supply chain of many products  and this pushes us every day to study solutions that help undermine the idea that sustainable products are less efficient.

We also do it to meet the wishes of end consumers, who are requiring products with environmentally friendly packaging. In Italy they represent 65% of the population.

Source: Nomisma & Università di Padova, 2021, Osservatorio Packaging del Largo Consumo: sostenibilità e packaging nel New Norma

The reason why we decided to give up plastic

More than half of the plastic produced since its invention has been put into circulation in the past 15 years. It consists of 40% single-use plastic from packaging, wrapping and envelopes. 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year.

It is like if 5 bags of garbage are thrown every 30 centimeters of coast all over the world. Very often these are treated plastics and therefore particularly resistant, which take over 400 years to decompose.

When this happens, they are transformed into microplastics, or tiny particles that end up everywhere: in the water we drink, in the vegetables we eat, in the mountains we visit. Millions of animals are killed each year due to plastic, either because they are trapped by it or because they feed on it unknowingly.

Social Responsability

“Taking and giving must be the foundation of alliances between people, businesses and the Planet”

We commit ourselves every day to ensure that our company has a positive impact on society and the territory. This is why we support projects that can make the world a better place for the people who live in it, through art and culture.

OSM edu

We’d like to take care of young people, and give them a chance to believe in their dreams. By supporting the OSM Edu project, we donated a program to 100 children from a school located in Pescara that allows them to discover their talents and turn them into concrete projects.


We dream of a world where art is within everyone’s reach, and recognized as a way to get to know better ourselves and the world. For this reason we have established a partnership to support the artistic event Origo21, organized by the social promotion Association Nemo Arte. Through the use of different art forms, Origo21 aims to raise awareness of the responsibility of human beings towards the planet and towards all people.

Plastic free®

Thanks to the collaboration with Plastic Free, NAKPACK® has supported waste collection events in the city of Pescara, contributing to the removal of 243,721 kg of waste and plastic from the cities of Italy.