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Wine Delivery Experience – How to build customer loyalty

In this article we will talk about a concept originated within the walls of our company, or that of the Wine Delivery Experience. We’ll share with you how it was born and at the end of the article we will offer an unmissable opportunity associated to this topic for those who sell wine online.

How did we come up with the idea

By reading our articles and following us on our Social Media, you will have noticed how important it is for us to offer ideas to all those wineries that want to sell wine online.

In order to create content that can be really useful to Italian wineries, we asked ourselves some questions.

What point of view should be taken into account? What do you need to start from to develop winning strategies?

We didn’t have any doubt that we had to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers’ customers, or those who buy wine online.

We bought wine on different e-commerce platforms...

And so, retracing the customer journey of customers who are going to buy one or more bottles, we realized that (unfortunately) many wineries share a very serious mistake.

In most cases, once the customer has purchased, it is practically abandoned.

Almost all wineries that sell online focus their efforts on reaching new customers, while reserving an entirely marginal role to after-sales. Lack of information, late deliveries due to broken bottles, parcels delivered with bulky polystyrene packaging and difficult to dispose of…

After several misadventures tested at first hand, we would like to reiterate an important principle that has always guided us at Nakpack in the development of our product.

From our point of view, the online shopping experience is made of many stages, ranging from landing on the e-commerce platform until the moment of the product acquisition proof.

EACH of these stages requires special attention, and especially that relating to the shipment and delivery of the product.

The concept of Wine Delivery Experience was born to show a central focus on online after-sales, and particularly to the step that allows the consumer to receive the purchased product.

What is Wine Delivery Experience

By Wine Delivery Experience we mean an overview of interactions that the digital consumer has with the company from the moment he purchases the product until he receives it.

The Wine Delivery Experience is a process that has 4 distinct phases, in each of which the company should take specific measures to make this experience pleasant for the user.

Why is it essential?

Taking care of already acquired customers allows you to improve the level of customer retention, or loyalty, and therefore to increase the probability that the customer will return to buy from you. Achieving this goal is essential, because it allows you to optimize investments and save money needed to acquire new prospects.

Don’t get us wrong, investing in campaigns to increase your customer base is key. But it is equally important to take care of customers who have just become so.

Have you ever thought about how much your company spends to reach new customers, and how much it could make from those who already are?

Wine Delivery Experience

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