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How to choose an express courier for your wine shipments?

Having an online wine shop does not just mean being visible on browsers, having a good and large diversified offer of wines, having an easy-to-use website, having an easy and intuitive purchasing process, etc… but it also means handling very well wines shipment with express couriers. So how to choose the best express courier for your wine shipments?

Delivery is the last link in a very long chain of your Customer journey and the only point that really puts you in physical contact with your customer. So it’s probably the most important link and always the most underestimated. Consequently, the quality of your courier is as important as the quality of your products and service.

Il viaggio di acquisto attraverso le varie fasi

Throughout our experience in logistics sector, the question that we have been asked several times directly, but also indirectly is always the same: which is the best courier to ship our bottles of wine?

As you might imagine from the question, the answer is not so simple, but on one point, however, there is certainty that:

“Companies often underestimate the choice of courier and delivery service. When a company decides to collaborate with a particular courier, it must know that the courier's business immediately becomes an extension of its brand. Consequently, any shortcomings on the part of the courier will have a negative impact on the corporate image and company’s reputation. "

How safe are wine shipment?

Let’s say it and declare it in huge letters: “There is no safer courier than another “, there is instead the best courier for your needs, and if anything, there are branches that work better and others worse. This is because we forget too often that companies are made up of people. So what should be done?

First of all, the possible problems deriving from the courier must be minimized, which means it is absolutely necessary not to delegate the risk of the shipping damages to the courier, but you have to take first hand the responsibility of using the best packaging regardless of the courier you choose. The aspect of shipping wines safely must be the focus of your wine shop. The courier must be chosen for other reasons such as:

  • if they have ancillary services?
  • What is the interface mode they have with your e-commerce platform?
  • If they have a widespread presence in the analogue country?

For example, for shipments abroad, I would always recommend couriers with an international distribution such as DHL TNT or UPS (to dispel any doubts the couriers have been mentioned in purely alphabetical order) rather than using a national courier such as SDA or BRT. And if anything, vice versa for national shipments.

Having dealt with this first issue related to safety, I would ask myself the following questions.

Now it’s time to ask yourself the following questions.

Is it priced right?

Choosing a courier based on the price is not always correct. In fact, the cheapest option does not always mean the best one. You need to assess how important it is that the product is delivered in a suitable, quick and cost-effective way. If the price is as low as possible, there could be a good reason for this. And somewhere, in the average of the possible choices, there could be the best choice.

What guarantees do they offer you?

If a courier truly cares about becoming your wine shop partner, they will try to give you guarantees with respect to your needs.

First ask for guarantees on delivery times. One of the factors that make online shoppers happier is determined by the speed with which the purchased goods arrive. An aspect that can also create loyalty, because then, together with the good condition of the packaging and the goods, it will make the customer satisfied and eager to buy again on your online wine shop.

Obviously, everything decays if, there is damage due to rapid delivery: from the joy of the delivery to the disappointment of the opening in the discovery of broken bottles

Do they have a good tracking system for shipments?

You absolutely must keep a timely and accurate track of where your orders are. And when the delivery is delayed, find out where they are and what happens. Your customers want to track their packages and you should act by anticipating their inquiries.

Do they have good customer service in case of problems?

If something goes wrong, you need to talk to someone quickly and directly. There is nothing worse when you’re trying to solve an urgent problem, sitting in front of an unsolved e-mail, an unresponsive help desk, and no one willing to help you.

Storage costs?

When wines fail to be delivered due to the customer’s recidivist absence, they are technically in storage: which means, they remain in the courier’s warehouses awaiting instructions from the merchant who carried out the shipment. However, this implies some ancillary costs. In some cases, the prior telephone call to ship to the customer or the use of systems similar to Qaplà can limit these inconveniences. Storage costs can be important so negotiate this with your supplier.


As you will certainly have guessed, choosing a courier is not easy and we must never forget that the perception that the customer has is that the courier and your wine shop are a single entity. If the courier makes a mistake, the perception is your wine shop made a mistake.

It is therefore necessary to choose well and check all aspects, even those that apparently seem less important.

Working with a single express courier is NOT the most desirable solution.

If you have experiences that can help us and everyone else who reads us please write them in the comments. We will be grateful for your sharing.

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